If you have a property to clean or a garden to clear, we can help


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If the contents of your house needs clearing and has no resale value we charge you for clearing which will include tipping fees at a local waste site or skips and our labour.


If Some of the contents are antique, collectables or have good resale value we will give a good allowance and offset it against the cost of the clearance.

If the majority of the contents are antique or have value, if this value exceeds the clearance costs, we will pay you the difference, in cash or by cheque, which ever you would like.


If property to be cleared has become dirty, neglected and insanitary. We deal with the problem. Dont worry we have seen everything before. We can provide a cleaning service for bathrooms, kitchens, and other parts of the property as required. In addition, we can clear the garden, and generally tidy up the whole property, leaving it ready for immediate sale or transfer.

If we find confidential documents and items of a personal nature, we always handle these items with the utmost discretion. If required, we can destroy them by shredding and provide a written confirmation that this has been done.

If during a clearance we we find items such as photographs or important documents, these will be keep for your personal viewing.

If there are cars, motorcycle, garden machinery etc included in the clearance we can arrange for the purchase of all types of cars motorcycle garden machinery etc, irrespective of condition or age or organise their disposal.

We will  leave your house empty and tidy and ready for sale or transfer.

At present we do not charge VAT on house clearances.

No job too big or too small.

Our clearance fees are based on density of contents size of property,number of rooms, accesibility & distance.